Our recommendations result from a thorough evaluation of your technical and commercial criteria to ensure long term benefits for your capital investment.  We firmly believe that each transit operation has unique requirements for its vehicle communication systems.  We apply our extensive design and manufacturing experience of transit communication equipment and systems to your specific situation.  Thus, we create solutions to satisfy your needs by the use of designs and methodologies that have been service proven in the harsh operating environments of rail transit as well as new technologies that have met with success in demanding industrial and military applications.

We can replicate, update, and improve all types of legacy and Association of American Railroads (AAR)  format public address and intercom equipment.  Since this equipment will be based on your specifications, documentation and samples, you can be assured that they will be engineered and built to offer direct interchangeability in form, fit and function with your existing equipment.

We specialize in adding functions to existing communication systems to enhance service and to comply with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other passenger safety and security requirements, e.g., passenger emergency intercom, automatic announcements, electronic signs and video surveillance.

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